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Clueless in San Antonio

By Culinary Cowboy | November 20, 2007

I’ve been working on a big documentary project.  It has been an all-consuming affair.

Last night, when I finally decided that 11 hours was enough, I stopped by the store on the way “home” (I am staying with a friend).  I wanted to pick up some chunks of pork.

My nearby HEB supermarke’s butcher has begun an interesting bit of marketing.  They take all the chunks left over after trimming and package them up.  They usually go for $1.69 a pound or something like that.  You can grill them or stew them or whatever.

I wanted brown and roast some.  I was up for some crusty, juicy meat.   There was none.

I was tired and got a bit grouchy when my mission failed.  So, I guess I was noticing little things more than usual.  I had no cart.  Two clueless and/or totally inconsiderate people had their carts up together and were chatting away, all but completely blocking the way.  Another women with a cart filled the void.  I pulled short and waited for her to pass.  She stopped.  She asked an employee where the bathrooms were, got her answer and was off like a shot to the bathroom, leaving her cart behind.  The employee and I looked at each other in disbelief and cleared the cart out of the way.

Damn, I was thinking.  This place seems crowded tonight.  I continued to bump and spin and reach around people pushing in front of me or blocking the way.   I was weary of it all.

Why, I asked myself, are there so damn many people here?

I kid you not, it took awhile to sink in.

Ya think it had something to do with Thanksgiving?  I’d completely forgotten it was upon us, despite the inordinate amount of turkeys on display.

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